Worldwide delivery flat rate EUROPEAN AND INTERNATIONAL

£20 for 1st kilo & £15 per additional Kilo (Example 1 kg £20 & 2kg £35) we will email you to confirm total delivery if over 1 KG also you can Email us on

Europe includes every recognised European country, and ROW includes almost every country outside of this zone. Please note that international shipping duration is an estimate only, and it may vary from country to country. On some occasions, it may take longer than the estimated delivery time.

Please Note: International shipping is now available on all plans to all customers!
Please note that you will be responsible for All Taxes and Customs related costs in the destination country.
We highly advise you to check the destination country’s law relating to importing e-cigarette products, such as import taxes, duties and compliance, before placing orders. Some products may require special licenses or permits to import and we won’t be responsible for products rejected or confiscated by your local customs.

We do not ship to the following countries

Please check this list before placing your order, Thank you

USA, Israel, China, Hong Kong, Iceland, Iran, Malaysia, Philippines, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovakia, United Arab Emirates, India

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